In the recent years United Arab Emirates has experienced phenomenal growth in terms of economic stability and has attracted hundreds and hundreds of new business investors towards it. The growing requirement of skilled people has opened new doors to job opportunities for students in UAE. Keeping the sky rocketing need of skilled employees, Creek View University has specifically designed degree programs for students in UAE that will polish them in way which will secure a high paying job for them after graduating from Creek View University. Have a look at the programs offered at Creek View University, particularly for students in UAE.


Creek View University is a globally recognized university that offers degree programs in some of the most demanding career fields of the industry. Due to the convenience, flexibility, affordability and ease these online programs offer, they have become the first choice of busy working adults and home schooled students residing in UAE.

Industry preferred degree programs that are offered at Creek View University are designed keeping in view the growing demands of the job market in UAE. Due to its valid accreditation status from a globally recognized accreditation body, degrees from Creek View University have become the first choice of all the top notch employers of UAE.

Following are the programs offered for students in UAE. Please select a program to learn more about the eligibility criteria and other details.

Degree Programs

In UAE, preferred degree programs by the students of Creek View indicate the successful completion of your academic degree online in your chosen field of interest. Creek View Central covers degree programs from graduate to post graduate levels.



Diploma and Certificate Programs

Preferred diploma and certificate programs by the students in UAE indicates the successful completion of the course of your choice that you have chosen to study online. Diplomas and Certifications are offered at undergraduate and graduate level for a particular course or the entire program