Saudi Arabia is the hub of the Muslim world. Every year Saudi Arabia is visited by millions of Muslim pilgrims from around the world to perform their holy tasks of Hajj & Umbra. Due to the vast opportunity for business, Saudi Arabia has attracted a number of manufacturing and trading concerns towards it. As businesses bloom a continuous and rising demand for skills professionals in the region can be witnessed. Keeping in view the rising demand for skilled work force, Creek View University has devised degree programs specifically for the students in Saudi region. These programs equip students with vital skills to be used in businesses running in Saudi Arabia and secure high paying jobs for them. Have a look at the programs offered at Creek View University, particularly for students in Saudi Arabia.


Creek View University is an accredited university that offers the most sought after degree programs of the industry. Due to the ease, flexibility, affordability and convenience these programs offer, Creek View University is now the first choice of busy working adults, housewives and disabled people in Saudi Arabia.

Degree programs at Creek View University are designed keeping in view the requirements of the businesses running in Saudi region. Our programs let the students gain vital knowledge to be applied in their professional fields and help them grow multi levels from where they have started. Accreditation status provided by the globally acclaimed accreditation agency provides an edge to degree programs offered at Creek View University thus making them the first choice of Saudi employers.

Following are the programs offered for students in Saudi Arabia. Please select a program to learn more about the eligibility criteria and other details.

Degree Programs

Preferred degree programs by the students of Creek View indicate the successful completion of your academic degree online in your chosen field of interest. Creek View Central covers degree programs from graduate to post graduate levels.



Diploma and Certificate Programs

Preferred diploma and certificate programs by the students in Saudi Arabia indicates the successful completion of the course of your choice that you have chosen to study online. Diplomas and Certifications are offered at undergraduate and graduate level for a particular course or the entire program