Doctorate Degree Program (Research)

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Doctorate Degree Program (Research)

Our research-based doctorate degree program hone your scholarly skills, allowing you to contribute to your field of interest through a meaningful theoretical and practical research. Our doctoral programs are meant for those wishing to make a notable contribution in their community.

Below are further details about our research-based doctorate degree program, including its admission requirements, application process, fee plan and more:

Program Details for Doctorate Degree (Research)

Eligibility Criteria Master's degree or equiv. international education
Total Credit Hours 54
Program Completion Time Less than2 years - or even less (Self-paced learning model).
Programs Fees $18900 (can be reduced by availing Creek View's Scholarship ).

Schools 11 (View Course List)
Program Outline 3 research courses + 5 Short Theses + 1 Detailed Thesis
Creek View Scholarship Apply for up to 90% scholarship being offered under Creek View Scholarship Program.
Credit Transfer Get the credits, earned earlier, transferred to reduce your fee and time to complete the degree.
Prior Learning Earn credits for prior learning/work experience.
Course Material Provided FREE of cost, online.
Study Mode Online - Vitual Class and Assessment Rooms.