Symbol of Global Recognition & Acceptance

Creek View University is accredited by the IABHE (International Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education). Accreditation by the prestigious accreditation body assures prospective students that Creek View University successfully meets the IABHE's requirements and criteria for conferring degrees, diplomas & certificates. IABHE facilitates and reassures that students are making right choice in selecting an educational institute by accrediting the educational process and standards followed by a certain traditional or non-traditional institution.

IABHE's global outreach enables it to enhance and implement the said standards across the globe. Fully dedicated to their mission they believe in fair evaluation of universities and feel highly obliged to accredit Creek View University for its online education programs. Accreditation from IABHE is a symbol of recognition which means the university meets the international standards with regard to academic programs, faculty, admissions, student support and services and hereby is certified as accredited member of the committee.

Thanks to the accreditation, the university is entitled to certain privileges, such as the provision of financial assistance to its students in form of grants and scholarships. The credits of the degrees earned from Creek Viewcan be easily transferred to the other university. Thanks to the accreditation by the well-known accreditation agency, Creek Viewstudents are now more acknowledged and recognized and readily hired by the world's reputed private, national, and multinational organizations.

More about IABHE:

IABHE, the International Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education, is a not-for-profit association devoted to the promotion and improvement of online distance learning education world-over. IABHE was established to promote sound educational standards and ethical business practices of online universities.